Our Activities

We are helping vulnerable communities in differnt areas such as Health, child Protection , Livelihoods, Youth Emperworment and Education.

  • Education
    Assisting the most vulnerable learners with comprehensive education subsidies in an effort to retain them in school and enable them to receive lifelong education to reach their full potentials
  • Child Protection
    Advocacy of children’s and adolescents’ rights in the cohort to minimize the risk child abuse
  • Health
    Raising awareness of, and empowering beneficiaries with the knowledge of HIV/AIDS & COVID-19 infection prevention and control.

Our Work in Pictures

We are determined to empower the community !


HIV & AIDS Awareness

Optimizing HIV screening through HIV self-testing

Bringing Happiness to every marginaized Girl child

Advocating for every Girl child rights

Our area of operation

The organization is currently operating in Mbire District. Mbire is a rural district which lies in Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe.

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We are an organization committed to improving the quality of life of vulnerable children and their families in marginalized communities. We believe everyone was created equally but the environment around us created inequalities which separated people socially and economically. It is our deep and sincere understanding that inadequately served populations needed a shoulder to lean on so that they can develop sustainable coping skills and resilience need during difficult times

Head Office Stand No.4179
Mutorashanga Road
: (263) 662162505
: +263 776594326 / 263713705280
: info_nmt@no-moretears.org